Ten things we want to do for SUMMER….

Yes I love SUMMER, and every year on the 1st day of summer we would write down the ten things we wanted to do for summer….and we would mark them off as we would do each thing. This year we wrote down what we wanted to do on our chalkboard so everyone could see. I thought I would post them also. Now our rule has always been these things has to be something that didn’t cost a lot of money but was fun for everyone !

1. Learn French (I bought a Car CD so everyone could learn as we drive)

2. Have a Beach Party, and camp fire..make smores. (so far we have one planned for Brandon)

3.Have a small town 4th of  July. (a small town in Chicago would be perfect ! And that’s exactly where we will be !)

4.Have a tennis tournament at night. (everyone plays)

5.Backpack bike ride at the beach. (at least 6 miles)

6. Photo shoot with all the kids at the beach…find the best ice cream place. (of course !)

7. Find the best fish taco place on the coast and dine Alfresco…in my convertible with the top down !

8. Stay fit and excercise even when we are on vacation.(wear exercise clothes,bring  water bottle and  Ipod) .

9.Go to an outdoor concert and dine alfresco.(lots to choose from !)

10.End the summer with a  “Family dinner “. (Maybe labor day!)

Hope everyone has a simply perfect SUMMER !

4 thoughts on “Ten things we want to do for SUMMER….

  1. Good luck meeting all of these summer goals. Might I suggest Pedro’s Tacos in San Clemente for No.7? They might not be the best, but they sure are good. Enjoy your summer!

  2. Thanks for the tip, I go to San Clemente beach all the time…I will try Pedro’s Tacos, and I will let you know what I think . I am sure they are good !

  3. I so enjoyed reading your ideas they are inexspensive and do able. May I also leave you with a great place to eat fish tacos and it is number one in our family list it is named “The Reel Inn” in Malibu Calif. the drive is beautiful all the way up Pacific Coast Hwy and it’s right beside the ocean its an official taco shack with a veiw.

  4. Another friend of mind said that place was great ! I love Malibu beach ,” The Reel Inn ” is on my number 2 list for fish tacos thanks soooo much !

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