Venice Beach shopping…”The Bountiful”

Venice Beach shopping  down  Abbot Kinney . ,  Kim met me at our favorite store” The  Bountiful”, 1335 Abbot Kinney Blvd. I love the name, it’s a name I would use in a mantra. And when I walked  into this shop, I felt like I was in a dream,   everything floated in a surreal fantasy of bountiful things, shells, soaps, antiques salvage furniture and lots of candles and imported fabrics. Kim’s holding a  white canvas messenger bag, a must have for the beach   !   I have to say  Kim’s white pants  and her top looked so very fresh and so 70’s  retro chic.

  Guess who took our picture and couldn’t  seem to get us both in the frame…Leo ! We went inside and bought some soaps and some shells. This is a place to ponder  and  to discover your inter girly side.

These shells here are real antiques and cost about $150.00 .  If you are stopping by Venice Beach make sure you stop by this  very beautiful and eclectic beach store, you won’t be disappointed !

 Next post a very fun paper shop I found on Abbot Kinney Blvd .

4 thoughts on “Venice Beach shopping…”The Bountiful”

  1. I love your pictures they are amazing !! and this store looks like a womans dream, next stop for me will be Venice beach and this wonderful store, thanks for the insiders tip to California shopping !!!

  2. Wow those were amazing sea shells absolutely great for decorating. I just loved knowing that Leo took that amazing picture of both of you, he did a good job. I would love to spend the day here just enjoying the California sun, shopping at these great shops then going to relax at the beach ! Life is good !!!

  3. These pics are awesome! Especially the one taken by Leo. He’s a natural! 🙂 bountiful is such a cool store, almost like a museum. Thanks for the great information. I will going back here with my out of town guest.

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