A thrift store…

yes I love to shop at thrift stores in a old beach town where the vintage clothes are simply perfect, 

today I am doing a photo shoot in my back roads and turning the photos into my retro chic look !

Hope everyone has a great week  ! 

2 thoughts on “A thrift store…

  1. When my children were small I haunted resale shops and found wonderful clothes for myself and for them.

    The Junior League shop in Evanston was good for chidlren’s clothing. The best, however, was a consignment shop in upscale Lake Forest where I found a grey and gold wool dress with matching spring coat and a beautiful red wool dress that was fine enough to use when I had speaking engagements.

    Also as I raised our four sons, who grew and changed sizes every few months, I looked for gently used sports jackets for them to wear on their Confirmation Day and for other special occasions.

    A person can truly find treasures is she is careful and discerning.

    • Yes you’re so right and the best of the best thrift stores are in VENICE BEACH ! Which I will personally show you as we… Bohemain muse in Venice….CAN’T WAIT !!!

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