Take me back to Belize…

A photo Darrill took in 2006 when we were waiting for our small plane to fly to the very cool Island of San Pedro. We sat at this little Cafe and the polit  came and got us as we were the only two people on the small plane. Belize is a place I recommend going as the price is very reasonable and this exotic place makes you feel like you’re in a James Bond movie, adventure is everywhere ! From zip lining through the rain forest …to swimming with sharks and stingrays in the teal blue ocean… to riding a tire down the dark  rivers of Belize through bat caves…



and hiking the Mayan ruins…




 Take me back to the beaches of Belize…where  my passion for adventure lives forever on the Island of San Pedro.   

2 thoughts on “Take me back to Belize…

  1. I enjoy viewing your blog I feel as if I am learning more and more about you. I love learning about all the places you have been and seeing the beautiful photos you share with us. Thank you Cheryl, Perla

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