Where did March go ???

 March is over, wow, where did March go ??? I have been at the gym six days a week now,(only Sundays off ) and I admit I am addicted to the gym. Thanks to my friend Claudia who makes sure I go and meet her at every class they offer !! Piloxing,  power yoga, spin, and power pump to name a few. My body aches, my legs are sore and I feel limp. I have only lost 8 pounds, but I feel much toner, and Claudia has lost 20 pounds !!  I have been working on my books on blurbs.com almost every night, and I ADMIT it takes a lot of time to create and write a book.  One of my readers said my posts were only one  picture posts. Gee, I feel bad. I have had photo shoots this month , and I  have a few weddings coming up so I have been on the web, and finally found and  bought a beautiful new zoom lens.  I wanted to do the green thing for the month of March, but never got around to it. I took some photos so I guess I should post them now. My favorite green items for the month of March, (or the last day of March  anyway).


 Green tea to keep the extra weight off, green tea mints because I love them, Pure- via  a natural sweetener,  Candied ginger, and Ginger brew for stomach aches. Most of these items are from Trader Joes, except the Pure-via which I purchased from Costco.



I love these green tea  mints they taste good and they are natural antioxidants and this color green container makes me happy !



As far as  sweeteners go none of them are any good for you and that includes splenda (please correct me if I am wrong), EXCEPT this one Pure-Via all natural and made from the plant Stevia extract. I use it on everything from my oatmeal to my coffee. 



 I love this  candied ginger, it’s a natural candy for when you or your children have a stomach ach,  it’s a little strong but very tasty !

 I hope everyone had a great month, and next month I promise to post my April showers pics on time !

My motto for the month, “Life’s short, don’t sweat the small stuff !”

2 thoughts on “Where did March go ???

  1. Pure via reminds me of you, it’s sweet, low-calorie and full of flavor. Pure via for me brings fond memories of the morning we had tea and bagels at your house then Claudia’s mom, you and I jumped into my truck and went to the annual yard sale at Canyon Lake last year. I had so much fun and I hope we can do it again soon. Perla

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