When I travel…

I have had some questions on how I work when I travel.  Since I need room for all my camera equipment,  I do not bring my lap top. I make sure the hotel I stay at has internet access, I think most do now. And I use the in-house computer and log on and write my daily posts. I don’t upload my pictures untill I get home, so I can photo shop them and crop them and do my magic. I wish I could find a better solution to uploading my photos, but since I use such a large format, it’s hard to upload my photos on anything but my home laptop.  I know there are a lot of photographers now uploading on their Iphones and then downloading them onto their website or blog, but how do you photo shop them on such a tiny screen ???


This is a image of a  typical  mornings when I travel ,(San Francisco) but I must say it’s nice to have the coffee ready for you and to have those great croissants with butter and honey…yummy !

Hope everyone has a wonderful week !

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