Almost perfect day…


Well it was an almost  perfect day,but the ugly truth is I went to the gym with my tight exercise pants on backwards, boy did I have a hard time bending my knees. I actually returned the dress I bought at Anthropologies, I love shopping at this store, but the dress was $280.00  not really in my budget this week. Why ?  My photo shoot was cancelled today, (can’t shoot in the rain). When I found out my shoot was cancelled  I went shopping at Trader Joe’s . When I was checking out the cashier politely said”  your ATM card was declined.” Hmmm I just returned a dress. Oh that’s right it takes a day to record the credit. Good thing I had cash in my wallet , but I was still embarrassed over the whole transaction. Next I had lunch with my wonderful son Brandon, and he did  make me an excellent lunch ! And yes I did throughly enjoy reading my magazines at the bookstore with my Chai tea in hand. I know I have an inspirational blog and I should write inspirational words (which I most certainly intended to do) but sometimes things go sideways(in no way do I mean like the movie Sideways).

 The day ended with Darrill texting me, ” please get home ASAP, I can’t take it anymore !” Funny I was just thinking the same thing.

 Well I hope you all have a great weekend, and if it’s not that great… it’s OKAY !


6 thoughts on “Almost perfect day…

  1. Forgive me laughing. One of my credit cards was declined when I had just treated my best friend’s daughter and her new husband, plus myself and Don to brunch at a lovely hotel in California.

    At that time Don and I had separate credit cards, so he stepped up and we were saved. But I recall the painful situation well.

    Your positive nature, however, shines through that rainy day. You still call it an almost perfect day.

    Chin up, kiddo. I guess you got home ASAP!

    Warmest regards,

  2. Sorry to hear of your gloomy day but all is well with health in order and your beautiful family. LOVED the paper dresses on the window soooo Couture! Have a blessed weekend

  3. Not so good when a day doesn’t go as planned. But the part about being at the gym and your exercise pants on backward, well I thought I was the only one that could do something like that. I got a chuckle out of it. I know this is your “inspirational blog” yes, but we are all human. I find that when it’s dreary outside little things seem bigger than on sunny days. I’m getting better at saying “it’s okay, it will pass and the sun will come out again too”.
    Have yourself a great Sunday and a beautiful week. I always look forward to reading your blog, it always cheers me up and puts a smile on my face. 🙂

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