The art of doing nothing…

Today I enjoyed the art of doing nothing. I enjoyed sleeping in late. Then walking to our fountain by our house and putting my feet up…



…and I watched Leo play in the distance with his trains…




I looked at the water pouring out of the fountain again and again thinking to myself , this is really nice.



I could hear the birds chirping, funny I have been here before I and never took the time hear them chirp…



I don’t think I ever realized the tiles were such a pretty color BLUE.



and the flowers so RED, the art of doing nothing is such a wonderful art !

Hope everyone has a simply relaxing week !

2 thoughts on “The art of doing nothing…

  1. As Mothers we deserve to take a moment in the day to delight ourselves in the simple things of life. Not to allow our lives to overwhelm and consume the goodness right in front of our eyes. Perla

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