Sleazy Bar Scene…Filmed Here !

Day three of San Diego. What can I say, I loved the movie Top Gun,  so when Darrill said lets eat where they filmed The Sleazy bar scene from “Top Gun” at the  Kansas City Barbeque , I was so excited. I didn’t want Darrill to know how excited I was so I acted cool, and said something dumb like . ”  really, BIG DEAL”. Well it was a big deal, I loved Tom Cruise  in Top Gun, and I acted like a silly tourist and took a lot of pictures…

The food wasn’t that great, but that didn’t matter, I loved the fact we had a beer and a sandwich, probably the same one Tom Cruise had in 1985, now I know that was a long time ago, but so what !  I enjoyed every minute of our lunch !!!


3 thoughts on “Sleazy Bar Scene…Filmed Here !

  1. Oh Wow I had no clue the movie was shot here in San Diego. Top Gun was my all time favorite movie in the 80’s and boy was I in love with Tom Cruise I even bought the movie and must have seen at least a dozen times. Thanks for bringing me back to memory lane.

  2. We drove by the Sleazy Bar once, but never went in. What fun that you visited there.

    Besides the story, which was very touching, and the stars, who were beautiful — loved Meg Ryan in her small part and, of course, Tom Cruise.

    But I also loved that movie because of all the San Diego scenes. It was filmed two years after I made my first trip to San Diego and we started going there annually. So it always reminds me of our early visits to our sons living out there.

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