Just Plain Hot in Black and White…

I have been experimenting with my photos by  controverting them to black and white and I have found that people look just plain hot in black and white. I am not sure why, I think it’s because it adds that element of drama we all seem to love.

 Let me show you an example of Brains photo at the beach  in color.



Now take a look at it in black and white.



All of a sudden I am taken black to the days of James Dean, just so cool   ! The red sign in the color photo is  distracting and takes your view away from Brain, where the black and white seems to keep your focus on Brain.

Here is another color photo, this one is  of Hunter at Newport Beach. 




Now here is the photo in black and white.



Seems to  keep your focus on the person, and the background seems to melt away . I am considering publishing a book on the California coast with black and white photos and some color too, a mixture of the elements of style.  I like it, what do you think ?? 



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