February’s Inspirations….


Let you heart be light and ….wish.  Brandon my first son gave me this beautiful coffee cup last year for Christmas and I keep it on my desk so I can remember to close my eyes and simply …WISH !

I love the month of February all the beautiful flowers and special chocolates ,and I love all my keepsakes that I have gotten through the years  from my children and from my sweetheart ! Indulge  in your favorite coffee or chai tea , and treat  yourself  by reconnecting with cherished memories…  after all you deserve it .  

Have a simply wonderful week ! 


One thought on “February’s Inspirations….

  1. Oh Cheryl

    We can tell where you live by your love of February. We who live in the northern United States abhor this dreadful month, surrounded entirely by winter.

    Valentine’s day does help — and of course we in Illinois treasure Lincoln’s Birthday, however, that’s about it.

    Actually he best thing about February is that the days ARE getting longer and people don’t come home from work in the dark anymore. As you can tell we are grateful for every tiny thing!

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