Egypt in Crisis

 I am sadden to see such a beautiful country with so much to offer this world with their beautiful history and amazing temples in crisis. People are jamming Cairo’s airport today while  the U.S. and other governments scramble to evacuate their citizens from Egypt as riots, looting and lawlessness spread across a nation struggling to overthrow nearly 30 years of authoritarian rule — and still uncertain of what’s to come.  I was in Egypt in 2006 and loved this city of Cairo, the diamond ring Darrill bought for me is from this amazing city, and I have always been so very proud of that fact. I love the Pyramids and  all the sacred temples . The architecture of ancient Egypt includes some of the most famous structures in the world: the Great Pyramids of Giza, the  temple at Thebes, Luxor , the  temple of Isis, and my personal sanctuary,  the temple of Karnack .  Darrill and I rode horseback at the Pyramids and I turned to him and said  “it doesn’t get any better than this amazing experience”, and you know what, it hasn’t. I can only say a prayer for Egypt, its people, its temples, in hopes that  everything  will be saved…

                                                                                                 …in sadness ….xoxo Cheryl


2 thoughts on “Egypt in Crisis

  1. Beautifully said.

    The whole world is watching this country, which has been stable for so long, though at the expense of democracy.

    It is located in the tinderbox of the Middle East and its people have had enough.

    They want free elections.
    Why is that too much to ask?

    Let us pray for a peaceful and democratic outcome for the people of Egypt.

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