Happy Birthday Tanya…

My beautiful daughter Tanya was born on my 24th birthday, January 9th,  and has alway been the light of my life. Well for one she has taken all my birthdays since I was 25, so I still feel like I am 25.  I think we are as old as we feel, right ?  I keep telling myself that everyday. Tanya is my oldest, and has always taken advantage of that fact. She feels she had the right to boss her little brothers around, and boy did she. But I have to attribute a lot of  the boys success to her, as she did make sure they had clean clothes and  their lunch, before they headed to school. And she always made them brush their teeth.  Everyone says we look a lot alike, and we have the same mannerism.



 She would never admit that, but I must admit, having Tanya as my daughter has given me so much joy, and as a mum , I am so very, very, proud of  her ….happy… happy birthday Tanya !! 

xoxo Mom.


One thought on “Happy Birthday Tanya…

  1. You are truly a timeless woman. Each year you grow younger looking. I’m soo blessed to call you my mother. Thank you for giving me such awesome genes. Love you.

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