Egypt in Crisis

 I am sadden to see such a beautiful country with so much to offer this world with their beautiful history and amazing temples in crisis. People are jamming Cairo’s airport today while  the U.S. and other governments scramble to evacuate their citizens from Egypt as riots, looting and lawlessness spread across a nation struggling to overthrow nearly 30 years of authoritarian rule — and still uncertain of what’s to come.  I was in Egypt in 2006 and loved this city of Cairo, the diamond ring Darrill bought for me is from this amazing city, and I have always been so very proud of that fact. I love the Pyramids and  all the sacred temples . The architecture of ancient Egypt includes some of the most famous structures in the world: the Great Pyramids of Giza, the  temple at Thebes, Luxor , the  temple of Isis, and my personal sanctuary,  the temple of Karnack .  Darrill and I rode horseback at the Pyramids and I turned to him and said  “it doesn’t get any better than this amazing experience”, and you know what, it hasn’t. I can only say a prayer for Egypt, its people, its temples, in hopes that  everything  will be saved…

                                                                                                 …in sadness ….xoxo Cheryl

February’s Inspirations….


Let you heart be light and ….wish.  Brandon my first son gave me this beautiful coffee cup last year for Christmas and I keep it on my desk so I can remember to close my eyes and simply …WISH !

I love the month of February all the beautiful flowers and special chocolates ,and I love all my keepsakes that I have gotten through the years  from my children and from my sweetheart ! Indulge  in your favorite coffee or chai tea , and treat  yourself  by reconnecting with cherished memories…  after all you deserve it .  

Have a simply wonderful week ! 

Day Two San Juan Capistrano

Day two shopping down Del Mar Street in San Clemente then to  San Juan Capistrano depot to catch the train . I love this city, and I wish I lived here.  This city was created around Mission San Juan Capistrano, and many of the homes and strip malls resemble the Spanish architecture that compose the building. It is home to the widest variety of homes in Orange County, including those built prior to 1900 in its central district (some being adobes from the 18th century), a number of 10 million-dollar homes in the gated communities of the hills, and working ranches in its foothills.



Ahh the  perfect background… rolling hills dotted with enchanting horses.



And as you enter the town of San Juan Capistrano, you feel like you’ve just stepped back to the western days.



Cute saddles for the kids to ride in  at the playground.   Leo could have played here all day, but we had a train to catch !! 




I think it’s every little boys dream to get on a train for an adventure … to lands yet to be discovered. 



We enjoyed  listening to this  talented man playing this old-time piano, while we waited for the train …….



The train has arrived and it’s time to board the train, all aboard ! I relaxed and enjoyed my magazine, while Leo played games on Darrills phone.    



Next stop San Diego….to spend the night ,  then up early for another adventurous day ! 

Information for train here or call 800 USA-RAIL

Newport Beach in January

Darrill’s mom was  here from Illinois visiting so I wanted to go to Newport Beach, we stopped at the Crab Cooker for some of their wonderful clam  chowder and sourdough bread. We took our meal over to the water’s edge  just in time to see this amazing sunset….wow what a truly wonderful moment….



I looked over at her and said,” we will always remember this moment, because it is so different from our everyday lives.”

Hope you all have a wonderful week !

More about Newport Beach here.

Happy Birthday Januarys girls…




So many of you with Birthdays this month, I would like to wish you all a very special day…

xoxo Cheryl

We are winter’s children — able to endure all kinds of weather and see the
beauty in bare branches against a gray sky and delight in snow-covered fields
that sparkle  when the sun comes out.

We bundle up and make impress our footprints alongside those of  squirrels and
bunnies and pups who walk obediently beside their masters.
And, we return with new appreciation to the comfortable warmth of our homes.
Being a winter child is not bad.

Happy Birthday to all of us.

So well said, Thank-you Dorothy  !

What to do with your Christmas cards…

I love all the beautiful cards I get for Christmas every year. So I decided to cut them up and punch some holes in the sides, string them with ribbon,   and make a Christmas cards garland for next year.



I cut around  the words with a paper-cutter,  and added some pretty paper angel ornaments I found at the after Christmas sale at Target.



I cut all the cards out and put them in a paper bag all ready to string , a project I can do when I am sitting in front of the T.V. with Leonardo. After all I have all year to complete this project , and every year I can add more! 

Hope everyone  has a nice week.

Happy Birthday Tanya…

My beautiful daughter Tanya was born on my 24th birthday, January 9th,  and has alway been the light of my life. Well for one she has taken all my birthdays since I was 25, so I still feel like I am 25.  I think we are as old as we feel, right ?  I keep telling myself that everyday. Tanya is my oldest, and has always taken advantage of that fact. She feels she had the right to boss her little brothers around, and boy did she. But I have to attribute a lot of  the boys success to her, as she did make sure they had clean clothes and  their lunch, before they headed to school. And she always made them brush their teeth.  Everyone says we look a lot alike, and we have the same mannerism.



 She would never admit that, but I must admit, having Tanya as my daughter has given me so much joy, and as a mum , I am so very, very, proud of  her ….happy… happy birthday Tanya !! 

xoxo Mom.

My January inspirations

I have had some emails asking  how do you change your thoughts. So I decided to  write down my ten inspirations for this magical year of 2011 .  I wrote my ten inspirations down on a pretty piece of paper and put it where I will see it everyday, just like a mantra, so hopefully I can inspire you too.




 make this the year you make just one dream come true…I know you can…

xoxo Cheryl

(photo by Darrill)

A Winter Wonderland …

I must say we had a wonderful time celebrating the New Year at the beautiful mountains of California. We stopped at Lake Arrowhead, a beautiful French style Village, just off of Hwy 18. Darrill pulled off the road to find this beautiful little area for us to dine Al Fresco and to do a little sledding.



ah the perfect spot to look out onto the beautiful snow-capped mountains.



and to have some hot chocolate and snow star cookies.



I picked up these linen napkins at Target for $2.00 , at their after Christmas sale. They are perfect against the white snow.  We had to eat the cookies fast as they began to freeze.  I brought the hot chocolate in a thermos so it was nice and hot. 



Leo loves , loves , loves playing in  the snow.




 and he loves being pulled around in his little sled even more.



I tried to push him, but he wanted nothing to do with me.



 These guys were having way to much fun.



I found this pretty little sprig of evergreen with a pinecones laying next to it, nature’s creations so delicate , so  beautiful…




… I wish I could take this magical winter wonderland home with me just for the Holidays.  I guess I will have to settle for a few pinecones. Next post snow skiing at Snow Valley.

Hope everyone has a magical week !