Celebrating the beauty of nature

Our (Darrill and I) Christmas tradition is to get up early after Christmas eve with my children and head up to Big Bear to go skiing. I love the beautiful scenic drive up to Big Bear. It only takes about 1 1/2 hours to get to snow summit from our home, but the roads were closed  from all the rain , so we had to go up the back way and it took about  2 1/2 hours.  Never the less it was still a beautiful drive, and well worth it !



   Simply beautiful white snow-covered mountains…



and beautiful flocked evergreen trees…



 We all try to recreate this winter wonderland in our homes for Christmas, but it’s never quite as beautiful as natures creation.



 Leo likes to ski, but  he loves  sitting down and playing  in the snow.



and he loves to  stick his finger in the snow and eat it.



He then  said he was hungry and wanted a snack bar…and then he wanted another one. A little Al fresco dinning. Then he wanted me to just sit there in the snow with him.



Darrill finally came and decided to take him to the bunny slope,   and I headed to the ski lifts, which were pretty empty. I love riding the ski lifts and just looking out at the beautiful snow covered moutains.  Just me and natures finest.



The snow was a beautiful cold blue power, perfect for skiing. The temperature was a warm but brisk 45 degrees.




I skied untill the sun went down, and the sunset was breathtaking.



 Santa was there,  so Leo wanted  to have our picture taken with him. 



I was able to talk Darrill into coming back here to spend our New Years eve  here skiing.

 I have a superstition that how you spend your New Years eve is how your year will be. So hopefully our New Year will be eventful and in celebration of the beauty of nature…  

Have  a wonderful New Year !


4 thoughts on “Celebrating the beauty of nature

  1. What beautiful pictures!! How wonderful to have the best of both worlds at your fingertips…And to be still, warm enough to sit in the snow and play with it with bare hands!!! I love to make a beautiful snow angel in my backyard after everytime I finish shovelling my snow, but I definately do NOT have bare hands.
    Your superstition on New Years Eve and how that plays out into your following year is interesting. I haven’t ever thought of it that way. I haven’t even been a “New Years Eve” person. I’ve always thought of it as a pretensious time, all built up for no good. I like to spend it quietly, with loved ones and maybe a few close friends, because that is what means the most to me. So maybe in someway what means the most to me is how I like to start of my year.
    All the best to you and your family and all the best to your brother, his health, recovery and his family.
    Happy New Year, Be Grateful for Family, Your Health and All Your Blessings!!

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