The Yuletide Wizard

The Yuletide wizard of the North recognize Christmas as a season steeped in magic and enchantment tradition and ritual. One of the most interesting of the Yuletide tradition is that which has come to be known as the Christmas tree. The lore of the Christmas tree finds its roots in the ancient observation that when other trees drop their leaves and seem to die…the evergreen runs with sap. This promise of a perpetuation of life, not to mention the glimmer of trapped magic, has long given pine, spruce and fir special significance in the web of nature. The evergreens appeals harkens back to ancient Egypt, Palestine and China, where its branches were twisted into wreaths as symbols of immortality. Scandinavians believed the branches offered protection against evil spirits, thus, barns and homes were adorned in evergreens during the shortest days of winter, a month called Jol. The word” yule” celebrates this custom.

Europeans eventually began to decorate the trees themself with nuts fruits and berries, natural symbols of spring, summer and harvest time. Later the trees were brought indoors and began to be adorned with Christian symbols such as wafers and candles, memorializing Jesus Christ as the light of the world. But no matter the belief or tradition, as long as the joy, goodwill and magic of the Christmas tree be found year-round in the enchantment of the evergreen.

The Legend of the Lore. Bags of good tidings is full of gifts , toys and other enchantments. It is tightly secured by a lock that takes a key the shape of a star. The rainbow. A tool used by a very specialized sect of elves that works closely with the flicker fairies to collect and distribute the colors of the rainbow to light beams in need.  Season Spheres. These orbs are the vessels of enchantments that are used to carry the sights, sounds and scents of the seasons. Thought to be the forerunners of tree ornaments. The Northern Lights is one of natures finest light shows, its mysterious energies help to fuel the deeds of the Yuletide Wizard.

All information and text from ” The Way of the Wizards “, by Tom Cross. A children book.

Hope everyone has a simply enchanting Christmas, I believe in MAGIC and the Yuletide Wizard.  


One thought on “The Yuletide Wizard

  1. Thanks for the Christmas lore. So many wonderful traditions have been attached to this marvelous holiday. We do know that Dec. 25 is actually an arbitrary date, set to coincide with the darkest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

    I read once that scholars believe the birth of Jesus was in the spring, because the story tells of shepherds keeping night watch over their sheep, and they only did that in spring when the lambs were being born.

    Merry Christmas

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