Her Special place…..Guadalupe Beach




  She came from a very cold place where there was snow on the ground,  the midwest to a little know jewel in Santa Maria…. Guadalupe Beach.  She said she needed a special place for her to go to when she was depressed. Here she could dance into the wind and create her own langauge….  Guadalupe Beach is so beautiful and so serene,  the perfect spot to enjoy the cool winter here in California….and the birds fluttered around her writing  yes in the sky….

We had a great time visiting with Darrill’s mom at Guadalupe Beach, I hope she continues to come to her special place.     



One thought on “Her Special place…..Guadalupe Beach

  1. Beautiful shots. As beautiful as you and Darrill and Leonardo, and dear Hunter. I love that piece of oceanfront. Despite the size of Lake Michigan its shoreline is never as vast as the shores of the Pacific.

    Such a beautiful place to be together.
    Thank you,

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