Concrats Justin !

Congrats to Captain Justin Mollicone company 2 and his best friend Matt Holguin company 1 both just graduated from Mt Sac Fire Academy this week ! Justin following after his brother Brandon and his brother-in-law Fernando footsteps.

  Justin graduated with the top”  hands on ” score in his class . Wow that’s a great accomplishment !

 information below from

We are the 51st Basic Fire Academy of Mt. SAC, comprised of 39 men ranging in age from 19-33. What does it take to become a firefighter? It takes dedication, commitment, and perseverance. Many of us have been working full time jobs, going to school at night and will be leaving our jobs to attend the 51st Academy. The average amount of time it takes to get hired onto a Fire Dept. is 2-5 years. The fire academy is the most valuable training we can receive as potential future firefighters. Much of the skills and training we learn in the 51st Academy will keep us safe and aid us in saving other people’s lives in the future.


2 thoughts on “Concrats Justin !

  1. Congratulations Justin. Your mother is so proud of you — and she should be for all your accomplishments.

    Warmest good wishes for a long and successful career as a firefighter. We are aware of and appreciate the vital community service you and your colleagues provide, not just in your district, but throughout our country.

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