Solvang … shopping down Copenhagan street.


Strolling down Copenhagen street  with my soy chai tea in hand just window shopping, with my desire to explore, and to only look, but not to buy…



Why, because I have purchased all my Christmas items last year, and all the previous years at the after Christmas sales.



So I have boxes of Christmas cards, and lots of decorations, all colors,  I just need to decide  on a color scheme for this year.



I’m thinking black and white (are you not surprised?) and bright apple green,  and touches of red. I did dark wine and browns last year.



I love the color of this beautiful beverage container it’s the perfect shade of fresh green.




A Thomas Kinkade gallery, I use to love collecting his art. He lives in Carmel, not to far north from here. Another simply enchanting town for those of you who love little old world cottages ofcourse from his artwork.  



I stopped here to taste, Al fresco dinning  for just $3.95 and they were worth every penny ! 



I love the Mole Hole, it’s very whimsical and seems the perfect place to discover  great Christmas ideas.



Look at that beautiful red cake plate, wow that would be perfect for birthday cakes. It’s $ 245.00, but a real antique, never mind I am sticking to my budget this year.



I love this place , the vendors here ship a lot of antiques from Europe. A lot from Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. The city that stole my heart, Copenhagen…..What a romantic place. Tivoli Gardens,in the heart of Copenhagen, an old entertainment park with its many flowers, lights, ferris wheels,  and oriental buildings, which opened in August 1843 , I was there in 2004, and  is by far the most magical place I have ever been to.

                                  (picture from )

Here’s a picture of Rosenborg castle, one of the many enchanting castles in Denmark.



Well for those of you who can’t make it to Denmark, I think Solvang is the next best place to taste…to explore, and to discover.

   Hope everyone has a simply enchanting week .

 Next week  Guadalupe Beach,  Birthdays and my Thanksgiving table .


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