Lover’s Rosemary nuts

The frist thing I did when I moved here to Canyon hills was plant two rosemary bushes in the front yard by the front door. I use fresh rosemary for my turkey, my chicken, my soups and my spiced nuts. I love the smell of rosemary when I am cooking as it fills the air with the scent of the  Holidays. And rosemary is the herb for lovers. Darrill loves these nuts he says they are heaven. Here is my simple recipe for Lover’s rosemary nuts .




I like to put them in a small glass containers ready for gifts or serving.



I cover them with Saran wrap and tie them with string,  and I cut up my Trader Joe bags for tags.



  Soon he will be eating out of palm of your hands !   



We are leaving tomorrow for Solvang to visit with Darrills family , so I will post some pictures of this beautiful quaint town next week, I  hope everyone has a wonderful week !


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