Angels of…Peace

After  Guadulupe Beach we drove to a little cemetary in Santa Maria which was very interesting. I took these pictures and decided to call them angels of peace….I photoshop each one to create an old world look .




I looked at each angel and  wrote a word that came to me… this angel reminded me of peace.



I thought I would post an angel this week ….please feel free to pass these pictures on.

I would like to send this angel of peace to my brother Joe Nunez who had a stroke yesterday and is still  recovering.  


Her Special place…..Guadalupe Beach




  She came from a very cold place where there was snow on the ground,  the midwest to a little know jewel in Santa Maria…. Guadalupe Beach.  She said she needed a special place for her to go to when she was depressed. Here she could dance into the wind and create her own langauge….  Guadalupe Beach is so beautiful and so serene,  the perfect spot to enjoy the cool winter here in California….and the birds fluttered around her writing  yes in the sky….

We had a great time visiting with Darrill’s mom at Guadalupe Beach, I hope she continues to come to her special place.     


Concrats Justin !

Congrats to Captain Justin Mollicone company 2 and his best friend Matt Holguin company 1 both just graduated from Mt Sac Fire Academy this week ! Justin following after his brother Brandon and his brother-in-law Fernando footsteps.

  Justin graduated with the top”  hands on ” score in his class . Wow that’s a great accomplishment !

 information below from

We are the 51st Basic Fire Academy of Mt. SAC, comprised of 39 men ranging in age from 19-33. What does it take to become a firefighter? It takes dedication, commitment, and perseverance. Many of us have been working full time jobs, going to school at night and will be leaving our jobs to attend the 51st Academy. The average amount of time it takes to get hired onto a Fire Dept. is 2-5 years. The fire academy is the most valuable training we can receive as potential future firefighters. Much of the skills and training we learn in the 51st Academy will keep us safe and aid us in saving other people’s lives in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving….

My Thanksgiving table is simply earthy chic, white linens  , my silverware, my silver rim wine glasses and my reindeer urn with gold and silver feathers. I use a silver tag for name place cards.

  Happy  Thanksgiving to you,  and to  family far far…  away, and I am so very thankful for my Children, Darrill and for all my wonderful friends….hope everyone has a magical holiday !

My Christmas table here …  simply enjoy  !

Happy 25th Birthday Brandon

Today is Brandon’s Birthday, my little baby who is now a very successful Fireman for the city of  Riverside, what can I say I am so proud of all my kids.  Hope you have a wonderful Birthday and a wonderful year you deserve it ! And when I tell him he is still so young , he says “No way ,  I’m a grown man mother ” You will always be my little man……xoxo mom.

Solvang … shopping down Copenhagan street.


Strolling down Copenhagen street  with my soy chai tea in hand just window shopping, with my desire to explore, and to only look, but not to buy…



Why, because I have purchased all my Christmas items last year, and all the previous years at the after Christmas sales.



So I have boxes of Christmas cards, and lots of decorations, all colors,  I just need to decide  on a color scheme for this year.



I’m thinking black and white (are you not surprised?) and bright apple green,  and touches of red. I did dark wine and browns last year.



I love the color of this beautiful beverage container it’s the perfect shade of fresh green.




A Thomas Kinkade gallery, I use to love collecting his art. He lives in Carmel, not to far north from here. Another simply enchanting town for those of you who love little old world cottages ofcourse from his artwork.  



I stopped here to taste, Al fresco dinning  for just $3.95 and they were worth every penny ! 



I love the Mole Hole, it’s very whimsical and seems the perfect place to discover  great Christmas ideas.



Look at that beautiful red cake plate, wow that would be perfect for birthday cakes. It’s $ 245.00, but a real antique, never mind I am sticking to my budget this year.



I love this place , the vendors here ship a lot of antiques from Europe. A lot from Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. The city that stole my heart, Copenhagen…..What a romantic place. Tivoli Gardens,in the heart of Copenhagen, an old entertainment park with its many flowers, lights, ferris wheels,  and oriental buildings, which opened in August 1843 , I was there in 2004, and  is by far the most magical place I have ever been to.

                                  (picture from )

Here’s a picture of Rosenborg castle, one of the many enchanting castles in Denmark.



Well for those of you who can’t make it to Denmark, I think Solvang is the next best place to taste…to explore, and to discover.

   Hope everyone has a simply enchanting week .

 Next week  Guadalupe Beach,  Birthdays and my Thanksgiving table .

A Colorful Journey…Solvang

There is something about getting into the car and going on a journey to taste, to explore and to discover… that is so very freeing….especially when you are heading up the California coast on highway 101. November is a wonderful time to head to wine country and buy some wines, spices, and last-minute holiday decoration. The landscape is simply breath-taking and a beautiful shade of  green from all the rain we have had lately.


This is Santa Barbara Ranch, an enchanting ranch just off hwy 101.  Santa Barbara Ranch lies just north of Goleta on the Goviota coast.

I asked Darrill to stop the car so I could take these pictures and explore….


 As I approached the horses they stopped for just one moment and  looked at me , then they continued grazing.

We continued up hwy 101 to  scenic hwy 154, this hwy takes you inland to the beautiful little Christmas town nestled in the  Santa Ynez Valley, Solvang.

We stopped at this very enchanting winery along the way to taste,..

   This Grainy wine was divine… and so was the little orange balls they had there .

Then we stopped at the mission Santa Ines to discover…

This Bell is a landmark for every mission . The 21 missions that comprise California’s Historic Mission Trail are all located on or near Highway 101, which roughly traces El Camino Real (The Royal Road) named in honor of the Spanish monarchy which financed the expeditions into California in the quest for empire. From San Diego to Los Angeles, the historic highway is now known as Interstate 5. From Santa Clara to San Francisco, the road is called State Highway 82. North of San Francisco, Highway 101 again picks up the trail to the mission at San Rafael. From there, State Highway 37 leads to the last mission at Sonoma.

Santa Ines, 19th mission
Named for a 13 year-old Roman martyr, St. Agnes, who refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods in 304 AD, Santa Ines was dedicated in 1804 by Father Estevan Tapis. Amazingly, it survived the numerous earthquakes. The museum contains a notable collection of vestments, church records and missals, and the church displays some of the original decorations on a wall behind the altar. A historic grape arbor shelters a walkway that transports the visitor back in time, emerging in the lovely gardens that appear today as they did nearly 200 years ago.



Leonardo decided to do some exploring himself, he climbed up this tree and waited there till I took his picture.

We had a simply enchanting day….next post ….. a little window shopping down Copenhagen street in Solvang, and to the coast.

Lover’s Rosemary nuts

The frist thing I did when I moved here to Canyon hills was plant two rosemary bushes in the front yard by the front door. I use fresh rosemary for my turkey, my chicken, my soups and my spiced nuts. I love the smell of rosemary when I am cooking as it fills the air with the scent of the  Holidays. And rosemary is the herb for lovers. Darrill loves these nuts he says they are heaven. Here is my simple recipe for Lover’s rosemary nuts .




I like to put them in a small glass containers ready for gifts or serving.



I cover them with Saran wrap and tie them with string,  and I cut up my Trader Joe bags for tags.



  Soon he will be eating out of palm of your hands !   



We are leaving tomorrow for Solvang to visit with Darrills family , so I will post some pictures of this beautiful quaint town next week, I  hope everyone has a wonderful week !

A secret place…

I have has some emails asking what goes into planning for a photo shoot. Well, I drive around looking for that perfect spot and the right time of day beacuse a picture can look completely different depending on what time of day it is. It seems that early in the day and later afternoon seems to create beautiful colors. I use Picaso photo shop I download for free and adobe elements 10, I purchased.  I took this photo at 200pm and the sun was at it’s perfect location. The customer wanted a big old tree . When I saw this tree I thought wow this is perfect.

A secret place to ponder and to linger and to create some beautiful pictures……

Hope everyone has a simply beautiful weekend !

Give away for the month of November

Yes it’s a give away for the month of November but you must live in Southern California, why because it’s a $200.00 PHOTO SHOOT for free here in sunny California at my lake, or my park or my old town ! Just leave comments, and your in to win. The more comments you leave the more papers with your name goes into the cookie jar, and if you planning on coming to California any time soon, the Photo shoot is good for up to a year ! Soooo the give away starts now ! This photo shoot was taken in old town Lake Elsinore.






The give away ends December 3th, and yes you can have your pictures back before Christmas !

Good Luck !