Dark October Oceanside Beach




 I ran away to the beach,  where the silence echos you’re no longer with me… through the darkness I will walk  the dark sea…I seek and do  not intend to find a calmer ocean, or a sun that will  never’s raise.





Even though I may be alone…. it’s okay….dark October ocean gives me peace.





Waves sweep me away in quiet desperation, wondering when we will meet again.




Only one beautiful black bird and me… do you believe in dreams…




as I look out into  the dark blue seas ,  I still see a small light …


Just listening to songs on my playlist and postings pics of Oceanside Beach where  I  went alone , while Darrills away on a long trip to Canada…

be safe dear !



2 thoughts on “Dark October Oceanside Beach

  1. Your poetic words with the pictures you posted brought me such peace and serenity while surrounded in these dark grey days of rain. 🙂 Peace be with you my friend. Perla

  2. Thank you, I love rain and the dark days at the beach it’s a refreshing change from the hot days we have been having these last few weeks. Peace be with you too !

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