October Vintage Vogue Cover

 I love the month of October , the eighth month of the old Roman calendar,which is sacred to the myth goddess Astraea . The myth of the loss of the Golden Age is appropriate for that time of year when the chills of autumn tells us that the golden days of summer has past and winter is drawing near. The autumn leaves turn to gold and fall during this month, echoing Astraea’s departure from earth.  It’s the month of the  masks, witches, poisons,  old black crows and our annual Halloween mystery dinner. This year we will have a  black and white masquerade ball in the grand style of the 1940’s.  You can view the entire event on my new blog” The Paper Mystique, www.thepapermystique.wordpress.com. Here you will fine all my custom stationary and events. 




Vogue 1913

Hope everyone has a simply enchanting month.


3 thoughts on “October Vintage Vogue Cover

  1. Dear Cheryl
    So strange that we are in spring.. I know we do everything upside down .. down my way… and don’t really do Halloween much either.. although it is catching on… funny this is the second time today I have been reminded of interests I’ve been ignoring.. the myths and legends, gods and goddesses being one… thanks .. i must delve a little..

    And… I love all your Hawaii shots.. and yes.. all those beautiful palm trees.. .. there really is something so special about palms!!! and that gorgeous turquoise sea..

    I’ve only been to Hawaii once… and must dig out my shots.. I was lucky enough to take a helicopter ride and took some shots from on high..

    Take care dear Cheryl.. have a fab weekend.. and thanks so much for popping by… ciao xxx Julie

  2. I can’t wait to see some photos of your mystery dinner. With your talent in decorating and your fun personality, it is a guarantee of excitment and festivities. Perla

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