Simply beautiful…

Simply beautiful the view from  my balcony this morning at about 8 am. It’s dark still, but’s it going to be a glorious dawn, I’m here in Hawaii ! The receding night sky surrenders to a glow coming from the east. It is the netherworld between night and day, the stars still clinging to their light.

The sky slowly comes alive. It a  is warm blue color with a hint of purple, and there are tall green palm trees everywhere. The locals here are very friendly, and yes they have that layed back attitude I find so appealing.

The ocean now reveals itself to the light, the black lines of waves now catching a lavender refelection of the sky above , and the white sands of the beach come to show their treasures…. beautiful exotic shells. The wanderlust of travel, the excitement of adventure once again in the palm of my hands, to be remembered forever in a photograph and  a simply beautiful shell.  

as Lois stated ….The sea and life it envelops is so strong and powerful and the human race seems to take soooo much for granted, not knowing the awesome world that lives under those deep turquoise waves. So powerful yet so calming and relaxing.


Simply beautiful….. once again another truly amazing sunset…, can I stay here forever ?

And congrats to Lois ,the  winner of  collection of shells from California, and a hand caved shell from Hawaii and a journal from The Bountiful so she can write about all  her  adventures !!! Please send me your address , and thank you !!

3 thoughts on “Simply beautiful…

  1. Thank you! That’s so exciting!! I just wrote from my heart and it isn’t hard to do about such a beautiful topic. It is hard to live here on the prairies, in the perfect centre of Canada (Wpg. is just a couple of degrees from the exact centre of the country) so far from the ocean, sometimes. We do have alot of rivers and lakes though. I love being surrounded by water.
    Fall is here for sure. Sept wasn’t a nice month at all, very cold and windy with alot of rain and little sunshine. But the end of the month and Oct has proven to be much better. I’d say over 1/2 of our leaves have already fallen. So now we wait for winter. I find fall a very difficult time. It’s so dark and cold with little happening. Winter can be so pretty, especially compared to this time of year. Right now there most life is gone, everyone (wildlife) is pretty much in hibernation mode and the days are pretty short. Once winter comes things seem to come to life when the snow falls and it sparkles under the sun and the moon. People get active and the city seems to come out of it’s fall funk. The winter/snow festivities can be alot of fun. Wpg. has the longest ice skating river trail in the world, for 2 or 3 years now. It’s pretty amazing. And we do get out and make the best of the winter months. We pride ourselves in our strength and versatility of being able to adapt to the extreme weather changes as well and quickly as we do.
    It is so easy to find myself dreaming and in the world of palm tress, beaches, seashells & the beautiful ocean. It is such a good place to be and my imagination can run wild. I fall asleep to the those glorious sounds some nights when I pop in one of my favourite cd’s I have picked up on my travels. It is the best way to fall asleep.

  2. Hi Cheryl
    I received my gift package just the other day. It was such great timing!! It was early on a very gloomy, rainy Mon. morning. and a knock came to the door, what a great surprise!! I hadn’t wanted to get up and face the fall day! The wind was howling, the sky was grey and there didn’t seem like there was any sign of life anywhere. What an awesome way to change the outlook on the day…seashells from my favourite place ever!! Dave and I had been laying in bed talking about, how were we going to be able to retire and spend our winters down in California and hopefully at a beach house. I love the beaches in California so much. Just the thought of being able to escape from our winters and walk barefoot in the sand collecting seashells in Jan….aahhh yes, that’s the life we’re dreaming of! What a surprise to then have the seashells arrive at the door. Thank you so very much morning.

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