Shells from our travels



Shells from all the beaches Leonardo and Hunter collected this summer. Shells remind me of distance beaches yet to be discovered. The wanderlust of travel. Maybe it’s just a trip to a local beach or a park. It really doesn’t matter as long as you find a treasure.   I have some beautiful rocks too but I’m not sure what to do with them. 




I’ve added some of my personal treasures,  white flowers from my garden, scented candles and my antique silver.




California avocados and limes are perfect for any salad, and California’s treasure. They are the  perfect  shade of green.




The perfect setting for a romantic Friday night dinner at home.  I think I’ll make shrimp and avocado and lime salad.

 Hope you have a nice weekend, I’m relaxing. Next week we’re heading to a distance beach yet to be discoved for some more beautiful shells, and I am taking you with me. So pack your bags and I will see you next week in Hawaii ! 


One thought on “Shells from our travels

  1. I just love to collect shells and stones from favourite beaches and distant places that I love to travel to! They are always so unique and awe powerful in their own beauty and interest of the stories of their life of where they have been and travelled. I love to arrange them in different settings so when I look at them I can travel back in time and place to when I found them and relive the great adventures I had when I first saw them and picked them from their hiding place. Of course, once the true life has gone from them and only their stories are left to tell. Never would I want to end the life of any sea creature while it was still living it’s adventure and adding to nature and what it was meant to do in the whole grand sceme of the eco system of the sea world. The sea and life it envelops is so strong and powerful and the human race seems to take soooo much for granted, not knowing the awesome world that lives under those deep turquios waves. So powerful yet so calming and relaxing! 🙂

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