The art of simply being


Last year at this time we were in Chicago, and I loved the soft overcast days that seemed endless… Today seems like a day that would never end. We drove to a  90 min. presentation for a time share in Oceanside,  that turned into a three-hour nightmare.  Leo was  running  amuck and would not stay in the babby sitting room. Darrill was  in a state of confusion with Leo running everywhere and salesmen putting some serious pressure on him. When the meeting was finally over we found out that Legoland was closed. That was the reason why we drove all the way down to Oceanside to this time share !  We finally decided to head to the beach and when we got there Leo fell asleep. I  walked along the waters edge , took a few pictures and simply let the stress of the day go. The water was so serene, the birds were flying overhead and I sat down on the sand and just relaxed.


The art of simply being . 


 Just for those few wonderful moments.  When we got home I took a long hot bath .  I opened all the windows and the wind blew in  a wonderful fresh scent . I soak  in the tub for a long time.  I loved the silence.  Today I can honestly say, I learned the art of simply being. 








        .. .I love September in Chicago.


  Hope everyone has a very relaxing week.     

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