Linus bike shop

Biking down Abbot Kinney drive in Venice beach I saw a few more cool vintage shops. I liked this very shabby chic beach shack. It had a lot of wonderful french garden urns.  1502 Abbot Kinney dr. Venice Beach.

Now I was too embarrassed to admit I could not find the Linus bike shop the first time Kim and I came here to Venice Beach, so when I  finally found  it I  was thrilled ….

The shop was at  1413 1/2 Abbot Kinney Blvd., which was down a path that’s why I had such a hard time finding it.

It was worth the wait…

These bikes were so retro French chic  , I loved the thin style of these bikes, but the price was a little high.

About $500.00 to start , I would have loved to have  purchased one,  I was swept  away by the charm of these beautiful bikes. Anyone who walk by stopped and  noticed  how very different these bikes were. The seats and  handle bars  were brown leather, and the bikes had a slim retro  body, they had custom baskets and side-saddle bags, they were just plain cool.  Another very cool French chic shop I found was French 50’s-60’s right down the street at 1427 Abbot Kinney Blvd. The owner Michele Summerlath has been collecting and dealing French antiques for over 30 years, but this whimsical store is mid-century modern. Lighting, abstract art, shaggy rugs and accessories are abundance here, and it looks like  Brigitte Bardot’s boudoir in a Godard film.  I can imagine Brigitte Bardot in her white slim jeans and her striped black and beige sweater, her hair swept up in a french twist,  riding a Linus style  bike down a beautiful old street in Paris. Then of course she goes into her  very french chic decorated boudoir for a glass of wine. That’s how this very cool Venice beach town makes me feel. Summer is coming  to an end, and I can say I enjoyed every moment of it, I  hope everyone has a wonderful week .


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