The magic of photography

Poolside with my retro camera , and it really works, a little present from Darrill. It’s all about the perfect picture for any photographer, the perfect angle , the perfect setting. I love the magic of photography, creating a moment in time to be cherish forever. A moment in life we can experience again  and again that only a picture can capture . A moment we can be ageless…





Simply natural photography, a natural setting,  simply who we really are , or maybe someone we want to be .Before I take a picture, I study the subject, I look at all the ways in which a person can look. You will be surprised on how many different looks you can get in one photo shoot. 







Ready, say cheese. Being in front of a camera brings out the best in almost everyone. 







Every women should have their picture taken, and release their inhibitions, to feel beautiful and   free…even if it’s just for a moment…




…it’s the magic of photography.



Photos by Darrill Andries 


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