Simply beautiful…

Simply beautiful the view from  my balcony this morning at about 8 am. It’s dark still, but’s it going to be a glorious dawn, I’m here in Hawaii ! The receding night sky surrenders to a glow coming from the east. It is the netherworld between night and day, the stars still clinging to their light.

The sky slowly comes alive. It a  is warm blue color with a hint of purple, and there are tall green palm trees everywhere. The locals here are very friendly, and yes they have that layed back attitude I find so appealing.

The ocean now reveals itself to the light, the black lines of waves now catching a lavender refelection of the sky above , and the white sands of the beach come to show their treasures…. beautiful exotic shells. The wanderlust of travel, the excitement of adventure once again in the palm of my hands, to be remembered forever in a photograph and  a simply beautiful shell.  

as Lois stated ….The sea and life it envelops is so strong and powerful and the human race seems to take soooo much for granted, not knowing the awesome world that lives under those deep turquoise waves. So powerful yet so calming and relaxing.


Simply beautiful….. once again another truly amazing sunset…, can I stay here forever ?

And congrats to Lois ,the  winner of  collection of shells from California, and a hand caved shell from Hawaii and a journal from The Bountiful so she can write about all  her  adventures !!! Please send me your address , and thank you !!

Welcome to paradise


Well we’re here in paradise and all I can say is wow. The flight was magical as the plane engines stopped for just a moment as we soared into Honolulu. The days here are hot and sunny with a wonderful cool breeze.   The sunsets here are truly amazing .





We are at the Hilton in the  Rainbow Towers on the 21st floor,  and our balcony looks over the Pacific ocean, what a view !




This is where I will be spending my mornings and evenings just simply relaxing.




We spent the day at the lagoon. I had a wonderful time relaxing, while  Darrill and Leo explored the beach.





I shot these photos  last night as we walked the beach , it was about 8pm. There was a wedding going on , and beautiful  Hawaiian music playing in the background. The  tiki torches were  lit on the beach …  




and the sunsets were magical…. 









Well it’s 745 am here  and were off  to breakfast here at the Hilton,  then to a road trip  to do some sight-seeing of the Island.

See you tomorrow here in paradise…   

Vintage classic style

When ever I take a plane trip I love to pick up a  Vogue magazine. Why ? Because I love to look at all the beautiful pictures, and well my alter self loves Vintage classic style, and no-one does it better than Vogue. I remember when I was young my mother always had a Vogue magazine lying around, and I would look at the pictures thinking when I grow up I will travel and look like a Vogue cover model. Well I traveled , but I never could get that classic style just right. Okay , I never ever got close.

(1951 vogue)

You  know that perfect Vogue look, classic but understated. Those perfect colored  red lips. This photo was from 1951 and I think today this look would still look great. I love this yellow and black striped scarf.  Timeless, ageless and so chic. I think I will pack blacks , reds and yellows, and my big straw hat (ofcouse) and some little black kitten heel sandals.

(my picture from the Islands)

(This is Kim’s Vogue Cover)

I love all the vintage Vogue covers, this cover is from 1932. I would like to do a vintage classic photo shoot and turn one of the pictures into a Vogue cover. So if any of you classic beauty’s wants to do this kind of photo shoot contact me . Well am off to Honolulu , I thought I would post my daily photos of this Island , hope you will  join me.


This is the last week of the give-away, so leave your comments, I will add something from the Islands !


Shells from our travels



Shells from all the beaches Leonardo and Hunter collected this summer. Shells remind me of distance beaches yet to be discovered. The wanderlust of travel. Maybe it’s just a trip to a local beach or a park. It really doesn’t matter as long as you find a treasure.   I have some beautiful rocks too but I’m not sure what to do with them. 




I’ve added some of my personal treasures,  white flowers from my garden, scented candles and my antique silver.




California avocados and limes are perfect for any salad, and California’s treasure. They are the  perfect  shade of green.




The perfect setting for a romantic Friday night dinner at home.  I think I’ll make shrimp and avocado and lime salad.

 Hope you have a nice weekend, I’m relaxing. Next week we’re heading to a distance beach yet to be discoved for some more beautiful shells, and I am taking you with me. So pack your bags and I will see you next week in Hawaii ! 

The art of simply being


Last year at this time we were in Chicago, and I loved the soft overcast days that seemed endless… Today seems like a day that would never end. We drove to a  90 min. presentation for a time share in Oceanside,  that turned into a three-hour nightmare.  Leo was  running  amuck and would not stay in the babby sitting room. Darrill was  in a state of confusion with Leo running everywhere and salesmen putting some serious pressure on him. When the meeting was finally over we found out that Legoland was closed. That was the reason why we drove all the way down to Oceanside to this time share !  We finally decided to head to the beach and when we got there Leo fell asleep. I  walked along the waters edge , took a few pictures and simply let the stress of the day go. The water was so serene, the birds were flying overhead and I sat down on the sand and just relaxed.


The art of simply being . 


 Just for those few wonderful moments.  When we got home I took a long hot bath .  I opened all the windows and the wind blew in  a wonderful fresh scent . I soak  in the tub for a long time.  I loved the silence.  Today I can honestly say, I learned the art of simply being. 








        .. .I love September in Chicago.


  Hope everyone has a very relaxing week.     

Driving up the California Coast





 Driving  Hwy 1  is one of the most scenic coast drives in  California. I love driving the  winding roads and  the  way the misty fog lingers over the dark rocky cliffs.   The salt air on my face is always so  refreshing. A convertible is a must with soft romantic music playing. The final destination  Big Sur, where the dark green forest meets the teal blue ocean , and where the mountain rain water runs off into the ocean.  Breath-taking…


Hope everyone has a magical weekend ! 


I believe





“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”
~ Audrey Hepburn

( A women after my own heart )