Bohemian musing in Venice

Getting up early after a night out with the girls was hard but worth it , as I love riding my bike along the coast of Venice Beach. Venice Beach is  a visual delight. Everywhere you look there is something going on. Venice has always been known as a hangout for the creative and the artistic since the 50’s and 60’s when it became the center of the  Beat generation. After the beat generation came the flower children of the 70’s. Then there  was an explosion of poetry and art. Well  I wasn’t  feeling very poetic or creative… I paid $20.00 for parking right on the boardwalk and realized we could have parked back on main street  and paid$ 8.00 and rode our bikes to the boardwalk. Next time.  Our first stop was breakfast  on the corner of Rose street, we both needed a little coffee  and I ordered a turkey and cheese croissant.






Then we did a little shopping. What I love about Venice is that everyone wears a hat. I love hats and wear them often and Kim needed one so we headed to Titanic . Over a 1,000 hats and I must say all were very cool. Kim bought her hat and we got our bikes and headed down the boardwalk.









 Since Venice is such a visual experience I thought I would just relax on my bike and enjoy the views.

















I like this building so we stop and shopped and found out this was Charlie Chaplin’s home and the little stores in front were the bungalows were his guest stayed. 




Lots of very cool shops I could get lost in these retro shops.








 In 1972, the city constructed an 18 mile bicycle path adjacent to Ocean Front Walk which extends from Torrance to Santa Monica. The new visitors were local residents riding bikes through the depressed Venice, bringing it new life. We stopped at Venice street  and headed to the canals.The canals are now a quaint upscale neighborhood in Venice. Fully restored and remodeled homes make it a postcard scene along the canal shores. Venice California originally was to be a copy of Venice, Italy, canals and all. Few of the original canals remain today.The canals were not practical for the horseless carriage. In 1929 the majority of the canals were filled in and converted to roads. You can still see the brick through the paved roads, Kim said the city should have left the streets bricked, I agreed the roads would be so quaint.  I fell ln love with these beautiful homes and canals. 














Venice Beach is a summer of color all year round,  a must see place for some real  Bohemian musing.

 Next post a shop I fell in love with in Venice…

xoxo Cheryl


5 thoughts on “Bohemian musing in Venice

  1. I absolutely love the story of your bicycle ride through Venice. It is a time and place in life that seemed so magical and free. The story of the canals remind me of the city of Naples. I took Dave for a surprise ride on one of the gondolas when we came down to visit last March, he loved it!! Next time we are down for a visit I think a day on bicycles touring the city of Venice would be another incredible surprise for Dave. I hope it’s just as spectacular in the winter months as it is in the summer. California has endless beauty and excitement and I for one can never get enough.
    Thanks so much Cheryl, for letting me live vicariously through you when I can’t be there myself! We have to spend a day together next time I’m down, I would love that sooo much!

  2. Ofcourse, biking through california’s beautiful coastline is a must ! We are going to try the 18 mile bike ride next, and then biking through our beautiful wine country is a must for the fall, so I hope you will join me, on my blog or in person !!!

  3. The pics are amazing! I’m reliving it as I see them. I told my aunt about Abbott Kinney and Bountiful,we’re going there tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you.


    • That’s great, hope you two have a enchanting time in Venice Beach, and by the way the Linus bike shop is across the street from Bohemian exchange, we walked right by it !

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