My Scrimp Boil

A scrimp boil at the beach is a must, and this is an easy recipe to makes which makes this a fuss free event. First you will need a very large stock pot, and fill it  3/4 full with water.  Next put in 2 large brown onions whole  , 3 large lemons cut in half  and 2 scrimp boil in a bag , bring to a boil. Then add  5 pounds of little red potatoes and 6 corn on the cobb cut in half, and boil for 20 minutes. Next put in 3 pounds of cooked spicy sausages cut in 4 inch pieces   , and boil for another 5 minutes, then  add 2 bags of uncooked  shell and tail on shrimp for 5  more min. Check to make sure the potatoes are tender and the scrimp is pink.  Then drain the water and pour the remaining contents into a large container. The pot was very heavy and hot , so I spooned a lot of the water out, then I POURED the remaining water out with a large  strainer.











I then set the table with a blue and teal hammock , I bought at world market , out  on porch overlooking  the beach. I bought the large teal container at Target. I had sodas and water in a large cooler and everyone helped themselves. 



I got some cocktail sauce , butter and sourdough bread,  and cut up some lemons and limes and put them on the table. 







Melissa, Brandon’s girlfriend ,  carried the pot out to the table for me and Kim helped me cook.







I set the table with some green polka dot dishes I found at the dollar store, a bowl for everyone so they could put the scrimp shells in. Everyone served them selves and clean up was one pot, how easy is that ?  This is a great one pot dish to serve at a picnic or a the  lake or your backyard.  But I must say, eating a scrimp boil at the beach,  smelling the salt air was well,  just perfect !  Hope everyone has a great weekend !