Romantic Balboa Island

What I loved most about my week at the  beach was getting on my Schwinn bike,  and taking a  ride on the ferry to cross over to  Balboa Island still the city of Newport Beach  . Balboa Island is a quaint little town with beautiful shops and quaint little cottage homes , a lot of them have  little white picket fences and lots of lush flowers and greenery.





As I was riding  to the Island I saw this really cute old man walking, so I stopped to take his picture.



He was very nice and he stopped to talk about how long he lived here on the Island which by the way was 60 years, what a great life don’t you think, I felt guilty being  envious of this nice old man.    



As I continued on my journey I saw this beautiful sailboat ,  I stopped to ponder the idea of learning to sail . The wind blew the  sailboat  down the sea gracefully riding the perfect rhythm of the waves. A sacred earth, a sacred sea.  It was breath-taking.



Next stop, Romantic Balboa Island, this place is so enchanting, all the wonderful homes and  charming  shops , not to mention great places to dine.    




This Island is tiny, but so cute the homes here are gorgeous.



Some of my favorite shops on the Island are ,   Art for the Soul, a gallery of unique gifts. 



 Fresh Produce , a  colorful clothing shop.




and  a candle shop where they make their candles right there at the shop, I had to buy some aloe scented  ones.



What I noticed was teal,  bright green and white was the color of a lot of these clothes, decor and shops. I love these colors they make me feel very earthy , feminine and   happy.




On the way back I saw this group of girls all dressed up like princesses, they were adorable. 



 Balboa pier, a popular destination for families and children.



Of course I had to bring  Leo back to ride the ferris wheel, he rode it three times.



A magical place and I had a wonderful time. Hope you are enjoying your summer, next I will post my recipe for my Shrimp Boil ,  a must have when you’re at the beach !  Have a great week !


9 thoughts on “Romantic Balboa Island

  1. Thank you for taking me away with you to Newport Beach for a few minutes while at work. I would like to ride my bike here from Newport to this cute little Island ! I love your photos, Perla

  2. Cheryl

    It was nice to see that you got published in Somerset Life, you are so creative and your photography is simple, beautiful and so relaxing….take me away to your world. I would love to have a photo shoot right here on this Island ! I enjoyed it soooo much !!

  3. Oh Cheryl…I love Newport and Belboa so much and it was so great to look back on these photos today as we are well into fall here. We have a few nights below freezing now, and my poor little bird baths are frozen over when I get up in the morning. Our faithful little sparrows stay with up all winter long and it’s so nice to hear them cherping so bright and cheerful on those sunny but oh so cold winter days. I love to browse all your beautiful beaches and beach town posts on the cold winter days so keep them coming. One day, One day my dreams will come true…I will have my own little beach house. Doesn’t matter how small as long as it’s mine to come to, to get away from our cold winters!!! 🙂
    Have an incredible day!!!

    • Yes you will have your cute little beach house….when you just sit and dream of what you want in life soon you will find it right before your eyes before you know it, and I will come visit you and take more great pictures of the beach! Thanks for enjoying ! xoxo Cheryl

      • You will have to come and visit when we rent our cute little beach house in Seal Beach for a month next spring…can’t wait. I’m planning on having a “Girls ‘Back in The Day'” Theme Party. Where we dress up in 60’s day clothes, sell lemonaide, play hopscotch, holohoops, ring around the rosie and anything else we can think of while listening to 60’s beach tunes. Ideas welcome. I’ll let you know more when I have it more fine tuned. Chat soon ♫California Girl♫

  4. Wow sooner than I thought and you will be here hanging out at a beach house in Seal beach, you lucky girl !! Can’t wait and I will send some ideas your way !! xoxo california girl , Cheryl !

  5. What is not to ‘love’ about Balboa..?!? It is everything you described, the quaintness of the little town situated on the bay & so close to the ocean, the unique & beautiful homes & of course the Ferry & the Fun Zone! But above all it is “Romantic” ! It’s where I chose ‘to get married’! The pics of the Merry-Go-Round & the Ferris wheel bring back memories of my wedding night! We got married on the’Electra Yacht’ (It’s a beautiful,historical,wooden ‘fantail’ boat, built in 1929 by the ‘owner of the electric company in WA’., “for his wife”! OMG! If that is not ‘Romantic’, I don’t know what is!
    It cruised through Newport Harbor around Balboa for 4 hrs at sunset & into the dusk of the evening. We had the wedding & the reception on it, complete w/ china & silver & music & 100 of our friends & family. We spent our wedding night at the ‘Balboa Inn’, which is at the foot of the Balboa Pier. The room was complete w/ 2 dozen red roses, a big bottle of champagne, a clawfoot soaking tub, & of course, a view of the ocean & the sound of the waves..! Talk about wonderful & ‘romantic! But before we turned in there, we went to the ‘Fun Zone’ with all of the members of our wedding party & a few close friends, (Lois was there..!), & we rode them both with everyone as the one last HURRAH & Celebration! It was so FUN.!!(A little ‘tricky in my wedding dress’..!), but I managed the on the Merry-Go-Round horse by sitting side-saddle & when we were on the Ferris Wheel, he stopped it when we were ‘on the top’.!We had an incredible view of all of the twinkling Harbor lights & of the houses & cottages on the island. It was like a Thomas Kincade picture! And of course we had that one
    ‘magical kiss’ up there that the made the start of our journey official! Thank you for bringing a moment of all those great memories back to me! It was 15 yrs.ago,July!

  6. Do you go there often ? Do you take your husband there also is this were you go to with him when you want to do something nice ? I love your magical take on life !

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