Romantic Balboa Island

What I loved most about my week at the  beach was getting on my Schwinn bike,  and taking a  ride on the ferry to cross over to  Balboa Island still the city of Newport Beach  . Balboa Island is a quaint little town with beautiful shops and quaint little cottage homes , a lot of them have  little white picket fences and lots of lush flowers and greenery.





As I was riding  to the Island I saw this really cute old man walking, so I stopped to take his picture.



He was very nice and he stopped to talk about how long he lived here on the Island which by the way was 60 years, what a great life don’t you think, I felt guilty being  envious of this nice old man.    



As I continued on my journey I saw this beautiful sailboat ,  I stopped to ponder the idea of learning to sail . The wind blew the  sailboat  down the sea gracefully riding the perfect rhythm of the waves. A sacred earth, a sacred sea.  It was breath-taking.



Next stop, Romantic Balboa Island, this place is so enchanting, all the wonderful homes and  charming  shops , not to mention great places to dine.    




This Island is tiny, but so cute the homes here are gorgeous.



Some of my favorite shops on the Island are ,   Art for the Soul, a gallery of unique gifts. 



 Fresh Produce , a  colorful clothing shop.




and  a candle shop where they make their candles right there at the shop, I had to buy some aloe scented  ones.



What I noticed was teal,  bright green and white was the color of a lot of these clothes, decor and shops. I love these colors they make me feel very earthy , feminine and   happy.




On the way back I saw this group of girls all dressed up like princesses, they were adorable. 



 Balboa pier, a popular destination for families and children.



Of course I had to bring  Leo back to ride the ferris wheel, he rode it three times.



A magical place and I had a wonderful time. Hope you are enjoying your summer, next I will post my recipe for my Shrimp Boil ,  a must have when you’re at the beach !  Have a great week !