European flower market


A European flower market, Wisteria Grove and a French Boutique , Three French Hens all in one location, Old Town Claremont.  When I feel like going back to Paris for a little shopping I head to this beautiful shop.  I put on my little black dress, french hat and I grab my  straw bag, a women got to look chic when shopping in Paris. Right ?





I hear the owner of this shop makes frequent trips to Paris to get her Parisian wares, I love this French bucket, a must have for all Parisian events.



Vintage French leather hat boxes are so charming and  perfect for all your French post cards  .



What I love about Wisteria Grove is they custom make beautiful whimsical flower arrangements , a must see shop (Shops)  for any unique European occasion.




oh la la , inspires  a French Chic affair !    Ah another  perfect day shopping in Paris , and it’s only 20 minutes till I’m  home !






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