June is six months of blogging

 I have learned a lot in these last six  months. I have  up to 100 views a day now , and more and more comments and emails!  Thank you all so much it’s been FUN and a challenge. Most of my views are on days I post personal pictures about myself and my family, which surprised me. I thought everyone would love the shops I posted, a lot of views on those days too, but not as many.  So I am going to continue to post my favorite shops but only for  holidays .  I have had so many of you enjoying my photography, thank YOU  for all the wonderful comments and emails , I LOVE   photography , it is an expression of myself and has always been an outlet for me when I feel the  need to connect to nature. When my older children were young and I was a single mom , all we could afford to do was to go to the park or beach and take pictures.    I love to  post my photos of  nature , my home, my travels  and my humble family. Oh the woes of being a mom.   I feel my blog is a visual  blog with simple words, and I will keep it this way. I am  not a person that likes to rambles on and on, but  I love reading the blogs that  I have a link to, and sometimes I can get lost in blog land. Life’s not perfect, that’s what makes us all so very interesting and unique.  Well if there is anything you like about my blog  please leave  a comment , that way I can continue to post what you really enjoy.

Thank you ,



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