June the month of Brides



The month of brides and graduations, I did not shoot Tanya’s wedding June  2007 at a Temecula winery,  ( oh not the mother of the bride ), but I paid dearly for a photographer , and I did not get any photos that were not posed. So I took these myself when no-one was looking, the kind of photos I love, simple and natural.  The setting was breath taking, and well everyone looked beautiful.



Here are  the girls following the photographer.




This month I will post some shops I love just for the brides, the flower shop where we got  Tanya’s flowers, and a enchanting little shop just for bridal showers and gifts , both in Old Town Claremont. My daughter’s wedding was not simple nor was it cheap, we spent a lot of money on unnecessary items we could have done without, so I wrote down  some simple ways to save on your big day.   


2 thoughts on “June the month of Brides

  1. congratulations!!!! you blog looks fantastic!!! I love it! It is fun to read and see pics of your simple morning pleasures! Beautiful pictures,enjoyable!

    Best wishes… Claudia

  2. Beautiful pictures, I love the setting of the last one most! You do such an awesome job!

    Keep up the great work, I love you site and look forward to checking it out!

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