Postcards from Paris



If there is a city that is profoundly feminine , it is Paris, I said it before and I will say it again.  Everything about the city is for  women, to walk ,  savor,  enjoy all the wonderful things just for us…..the flowers wrap in colored  papers tied with simple strings, where you bring your own straw bag to fill at the colorful street markets. The shop windows with their tumbling wares, their message that women’s concerns with finery and food are important. Or the language, which lends itself to whispers. Ahhh  the women themselves, who stride by with scarves just so, and handbags tucked elegantly under their arms. The postcards from Paris, so romantic and written in such a feminine way.



Postcards from Paris , just for you don’t forget my give away at the end of June.




Simple morning pleasures


We had a long day yesterday at the beach so this morning I just want to sit and relax with my simply orange juice…



my hot coffee made in my French press, I love the way the coffee comes out in my French press  so rich, served  in my French letter coffee cup.



With a peach and my bagel with butter and organic honey.  Today is the summer solstice , the longest day of the year. There are many celebrations all over the world, my favorite is the gathering at Stonehenge, I was there in 2006, I thought I would share a picture of the sunrise at Stonehenge .





Hope everyone has a magical week.


A Simple Dad



A simple dad is the dad we all love so much, the dad that takes our hand when we are afraid….



the one who helps us down the slide, the one who teaches us how to fly a kite, or who teaches us how to ride a  bike,  the one who’s alway there everyday enjoying the simple things, that’s the real hero in our life.


Happy Father’s Day to all the  dads ,  and to Darrill  for being such a great dad to Leonardo, and to my dad

Joe Nunez, he was my hero and  a really nice guy.


European flower market


A European flower market, Wisteria Grove and a French Boutique , Three French Hens all in one location, Old Town Claremont.  When I feel like going back to Paris for a little shopping I head to this beautiful shop.  I put on my little black dress, french hat and I grab my  straw bag, a women got to look chic when shopping in Paris. Right ?





I hear the owner of this shop makes frequent trips to Paris to get her Parisian wares, I love this French bucket, a must have for all Parisian events.



Vintage French leather hat boxes are so charming and  perfect for all your French post cards  .



What I love about Wisteria Grove is they custom make beautiful whimsical flower arrangements , a must see shop (Shops)  for any unique European occasion.




oh la la , inspires  a French Chic affair !    Ah another  perfect day shopping in Paris , and it’s only 20 minutes till I’m  home !





Simple Morning pleasures Comment by Lois !

Ah…early morning in Winnipeg (southern Canada). So beautiful, drops of due glistening in the early morning sunshine. It clings to everything, the grass and all the flowers growing in my yard, peonies, bright fushia, the soft delicate pink and the all wonderful clean and beautiful white bloosoms. Some are in open in full bloom, some are still tightly clinging shut. I have a Bleeding Heart that was my mum’s from out at my parents place at the lake. The exquisite little pink hearts that cling to the branches dripping with due, bring my mum (&dad) to mind and always keep them close to my heart. Nature seems to have a way of doing that, beautiful yet simple. The tiny white flower clusters of Lily of the Valley fill the air this morning with the sweetest aroma that the light breeze is just blowing around my yard. The Canadian Anemone that grow wild in my yard are so pretty, stong and hearty but still have the delicate white blossoms that bloom all summer long. The Liatris with their long stem and purple flowers that blooms from July until Sept. I listen to the mummy birds singing as the feed their little ones that have just hatched in my lilac tree and also in a bird house near my back door. Everything is so vivid and alive. Morning is such a peaceful and georgeous time of day.



( So well said I had to post this comment for all to read , thank you  Lois, love always Cheryl)



(I was so inspired by Lois’s comment I posted the third give away French  post card, keep the beautiful comments coming !)

A magical little shop Jasmine


I love this little magical shop in Old Town Claremont, this is where I got all Tanya’s gifts for her shower.



What I love best about this shop is that you can have a gift basket made up of all the special little items.



I love all the feminine clothes, jewelry, soaps, lotions , books  and  hats .



Here is a beautiful gift basket ready for any hard to please bride.



A wonderfully magical shop for wedding showers or  for that special female  in your life.


photos by Cheryl’s Photography

flowers and french postcards


My collection of my beautiful  flower photography and French postcards , Vintage French postcards

from a bygone era, I love the writings so quaint and romantic,  what could be more

simply feminine  !  



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