Simple morning pleasures


My simple morning pleasures are…. when I get up and look out my French door, and my view from our  bedroom ….



and when I walk out onto  the balcony, and the view from here…



then …wondering down the stairs to where I have my morning tea….



in my French letter cup, with strawberries and a multi grain muffin …..ahhh simply perfect, hope everyone has

a simply wonderful week. 





6 thoughts on “Simple morning pleasures

  1. Beautiful morning photos. I love sitting in the quiet of the morning…amidst the busy sounds of nature awakening with the excitement of the new day ahead. I have a bird house busy with the excitement of the parents building a nest and getting things ready for their new family. Spring is my favorite time of year. Just watching, listening and smelling everything come back to life after the long cold winters up in Canada. And mornings are a smaller version of spring…everything waking up after a night time of rest. Though I do have an area where the frogs congregate in the evenings and have quite the stories to tell as dusk slips into darkness. But mornings are my favorite!!!

  2. Well said, I have a nest here too, I’ll add that picture to my morning pleasures. Yes the mornings in Canada are beautiful, I loved waking up in a beautiful little bed and breakfast there,a place I’ll always remember…. Thanks for your beautiful comment !

  3. I love simple words in a poetic style, simple photos that inspire us to connect to the natural earth….I have alot of views on my blog, but not alot of comments, thank you for taking the time to stop and write. I decided to post Simple Morning Pleasures every Monday.


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