Old Town Claremont

A perfect day at Old Town Claremont, my favorite straw hat, my walking boots, a beautiful spring day.

  My mom use to take me here when I was small on Sundays for brunch. I took my older children here , and now it’s Leonardo’s turn. I saw three beautiful romantic shops, (post soon to follow ) strolled down the peaceful streets, layed on the grass with Darrill and Leo under the old oak trees.

Leo could feel my positive energy and he enjoyed the walk.

I love this corner with this beautiful little shop.

The overgrown greenery, the wind  blowing all the soft foliage ….was all so  magical.

Leo likes to copy his dad. This veranda was so quaint , this house was built in the 1940’s, and now open to the public.

Walking the path to this grand home was enchanting….

As I was putting on Leo’s shoes, I remembered my house I grew up in not far from here, maybe next time we will go there…..Hope everyone has a magical week.

I am wearing a 1980’s dress with a 1970’s hat. My boot are weathered and from Scotland on one of my adventures.


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