Hansel and Gretel



Famished, Hansel  and Gretel  are home alone with not a morsel to eat.  


Far far from home they venture out to look for wild strawberries in the woods. 


They came upon an evil witch and they were so frighten , 


  they ran as fast as they could  deep  into  the woods. 


They were so sleepy ,  they layed down for a nap. 


Something woke them , and they were  frighten to find the evil witch watching them. 


Oh no what should they do now ?  Then ran away and ended up deeper  in the woods.  


Hansel  said to Gretel, I found some seeds to eat. 


Gretel  cried out , that’s not enough to eat we are going to starve here in the woods. 


They came upon the witch cooking in the woods and they said,  can we 

join you , and the witch said yes, I’m cooking stew and the stew is you !! 


Before the witch could put them in the pot, they put the witch in the pot instead. 


Poor poor witch, they felt sorry for her so they took the witch out and they all became friends. 


And they built a stone house  in the woods and lived happily ever after, and Hansel said I’ll do the cooking !

                                                            THE END


4 thoughts on “Hansel and Gretel

  1. Nene & I enjoyed reading the story together. We enjoyed viewing the photographs. It was worth the wait! Perla:)

  2. Thanks to you Ne Ne’s mom and Alexia’s mom , Heather for being right there for the photo shoot , and for taking the time to let the kids have fun playing in the forest !!

  3. Leo looks so cute !!! I love your story and how did you get those great shots of the kids ? Great photo shoot !

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