Romantic Venice


One  of the travel photos I have

on my Etsy shop, I love the look of the old

travel posters of the 1940’s.




Simple outdoor set up



I had a few emails asking me how I set  my outdoor dining table , well I make it simple by having my picnic basket (bought at a thrift store for ten dollars) filled with my white plates, silverware, wine glasses, cloth  napkins and I get the salt and pepper, and carry everything  outside, I add a white table-cloth and set  the table . Sometimes I use my picnic basket for dinner rolls.  I always have my white  milk picture filled with white roses from my garden . How simple is that ? I am having a large party on  Monday so I am off to look for some chairs at the local thrift stores.  Thanks for the emails !  


Dining Al Fresco and Darrill’s cooking


Leo and I spent the day on the lake boating with my son Brandon, so when Darrill said he would make dinner I was excited . I set a  simple outdoor table , white table-cloth , white dinner plates, my basket of silverware, fresh flowers, and  Darrill did the rest. What I love about Darrill’s cooking is he get’s his recipes online or in a cook book so his meals are well almost perfect.  I on the other hand always cook the tried and true, why mess with perfection. Darrill goes to the market and get’s everything on the list and puts all the right ingredients in, I use what we have on hand and add my own special touches.   But we both use fresh herbs.





I think he said he was making grilled Greek potato salad….



with cooked small red potatoes, wow this looks pretty good.




This salad has 1 yellow peppers,1  red peppers, 1 med red onion, 1 med cucumber, a basket of grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, all sliced and diced, 3 pounds of roasted red potatoes , fresh oregano  (2 tablespoons) and  a greek vinaigrette and olive oil. 



Next he made  grilled sirloin steak, with a buttery garlic and  parsley topping. Combine   1/4 cup of butter softened, 3 tablespoons minced parsley and 1 teaspoon minced garlic. 



Ok Darrill your meal was great, well almost perfect…



Darrill made wine coolers, and I bought  some  vanilla ice cream with strawberries for desert.  See how simple. Well simple for me, thanks Darrill for doing the cooking !!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend, dining Al Fresco.  

Remembering Quebec



The romantic city of Quebec, how can I forget. I loved the cobble stone streets the quaint little Inns , the beautiful people…



a view of the  gateway to the great lakes…



 where time stands still…



and tradition resides.  



Shopping at the quaint little  boutiques …



and of course the straw hat I had to have…



 the  little Inn that we stayed in  for the night , awe remembering the  romance of …. Quebec.

Simple morning pleasures


My simple morning pleasures are…. when I get up and look out my French door, and my view from our  bedroom ….



and when I walk out onto  the balcony, and the view from here…



then …wondering down the stairs to where I have my morning tea….



in my French letter cup, with strawberries and a multi grain muffin …..ahhh simply perfect, hope everyone has

a simply wonderful week. 




California Coast

                                                       SMILE….Life’s  a journey, not a guided tour.                    

                                                                       author unknown

Farmer’s Markets Old Town Temecula

One of my favorite farmer’s market is on Saturday in old town Temecula and one of my favorite organic stands Trethowan Organic .

I love the way they display their foods, and I also love the way  they put herbs together.


I bought this beautiful organic salad, it has been said to it looks like a Monet. 

Sweet pea’s…..what a great price !!

Organic Bay leaves .

What I like about this stand is you can taste the organic honey, and organic fruits.

Now there are a lot of wonderful organic stands here at this farmer’s market , and a lot of beautiful flower stands , and some great buys , I highly recommend coming here on Saturdays. 

Hope everyone has a fresh and fun weeken !!

Vintage Classic Style


I have had emails asking me what my fashion style is, which surprised me as I think my style is pretty plain. I buy my clothes at vintage boutiques or thrift stores. I love the Classic vintage style of the sixty’s, polka dot dresses, straight leg jeans, wedge sandals, stripe black and white shirts, the classic white shirt, leopard prints,  and always a hat, I don’t like to get a lot of sun on my face, and I don’t wear much make up, ok I hardly wear any make up at all, so a hat is great ! I love the colors of turquoise and red, and blacks and whites. And of course I have a lot of little black dresses which looks good with a hat and sandals for the day , and heels at night. Well I guess I had a lot more to say about fashion then I thought. Thanks for the emails , please leave comments ,that’s how I will  know what might  interest you.

Old Town Claremont

A perfect day at Old Town Claremont, my favorite straw hat, my walking boots, a beautiful spring day.

  My mom use to take me here when I was small on Sundays for brunch. I took my older children here , and now it’s Leonardo’s turn. I saw three beautiful romantic shops, (post soon to follow ) strolled down the peaceful streets, layed on the grass with Darrill and Leo under the old oak trees.

Leo could feel my positive energy and he enjoyed the walk.

I love this corner with this beautiful little shop.

The overgrown greenery, the wind  blowing all the soft foliage ….was all so  magical.

Leo likes to copy his dad. This veranda was so quaint , this house was built in the 1940’s, and now open to the public.

Walking the path to this grand home was enchanting….

As I was putting on Leo’s shoes, I remembered my house I grew up in not far from here, maybe next time we will go there…..Hope everyone has a magical week.

I am wearing a 1980’s dress with a 1970’s hat. My boot are weathered and from Scotland on one of my adventures.

Laguna Beach Photo Trek with Nick Carver

 I thought I knew enough about photography to take some pretty good pictures. Well after all I’ve traveled the world and got some pretty good shots. Boy was I wrong. Now I realize there is so much more to taking pictures then I wanted to know. Taking a class with Nick Carver enlighten me to a lot of things most importantly , metering and middle gray. Now I am not a teacher so if you want to take a class you can log on to and get enrolled in one of his classes. This guy is great, and I have taken a lot of classes but not outdoors with the teacher giving you on the spot directions.  Here are some of the pictures I took at Laguna Beach.






Thanks Nick for a great class !!  And I will  be taking more classes.