Green Class

Darrill gave a Green Class for KBIZ   in Chicago this month, we are proud of him for giving back and helping to  educate people to design Green kitchens to live in, and for the enviroment .

A Simple life

I took this picture in Glastonbury England the year 2007, and it reminds me of how simple life was there. No one had a designer bag or clothes, and everyone gathered at the local pub at night and just had fun talking. I ended up in bed for two days after running everywhere trying to please everyone this last weekend, and realized I need to practise what I preach and just slow down. We moms  should take the time for ourselves to  release, relax  and renew, a promise  I’ve made to myself to keep my life simple .      

Moras Antiques


A lovely corner shop in Old town Lake Elsinore , with beautiful French garden antiques, vintage clothing, and wonderful  jewery…



I love to shop here for interesting old hats and crowns  for photo shoots.




I enjoy looking at  all her BEAUTIFUL vintage items,  a must see shop…..don’t you think ?





Owned and operated by the Mora family.

142 North Main St. Lake Elsinore, Ca. 92530


A Spring Green Meal

I love cooking simple and  fresh  meals. I don’t have a lot of time to cook,  but I want a fresh meal for Leo and Darrill.  Here is one of my favoite spring green meals.


I start with fresh organic spinach, fresh basil,  artichokes , cucumbers and limes, which I buy at my local farmers market.

Then I put a chicken half in a piece of foil and I add fresh basil and spinach, and garnish with slices of limes , garlic salt and pepper. Then I bake  it in the oven at 400 for 35 min


Then I put the artichokes in salted boiling water for 30 min. 

I buy my spices from Spice Merchants in Temecula Ca. I love their picnic blend, I add it to sour cream for a great dip for the artichokes.

Next I make  my green salad with spinach, cucumbers, fresh basil and a few red grapes or black olives.

I add fresh tortellini from my market which I cooked for ten min.  and top off the  salad  with olive oil and parmesan cheese .


 This meal goes perfect with fresh brewed green tea garnish with a  slice of lime.

The chicken is done and smells wonderful, this meal is low-fat and healthy too ! Hope you enjoy .    


Art and Antiques

A beautiful day in L.A. after Joan on Third I drove up highway 101 to Topanga canyon , I love driving  this winding road all the way to the coast. I stopped at Main st USA  along the way and saw this beautiful little shop off the side of the road , Tauni Brustin Main st USA. 369 so. Topanga canyon Blvd.

I fell in love with this large clock hanging outside, surrounded by a  beautiful  french garden.

She had beautiful rustic french garden gates everywhere, if I wasn’t in my convertible I would have taken some home.

 I love old french garden gates, the peeling paint makes theses stunning.

I was in love with this shop before I walked inside !!

Now let’s go inside….

I need this dress stand….well maybe not ….yes I should buy this.

I loooovvvve this antique sliver tureen. I need it !!

More silver , I better go before I do some serious damage.

A must see shop, don’t you think ???

One last shot on the way out, I could have spent my entire day here, well on to the California coast I love so much.

Joan on Third

 My girlfriend moved to West Hollywood so I went down for a girls night out.

 She had a class in the morning so I wandered down third street in L.A. and found this place to stop and have a cup of  cappuccino,  Joan on Third , I loved it !!


I haven’t had a cappuccino this good since Paris.  The decor was wonderful , white and black and cows everywhere.

The selection of wines, cheese, meats, breads,sweets and specialty sauces were outstanding !!!

A must see place don’t you think ??