My Spring Salad

I love spring salads, after eating all those winter foods, soups , stews, chili beans,  breads, you know all those  foods that put on all those extra pounds ,  so when spring comes around we all end up on some kind of diet. I hate to diet. I don’t diet  because if I tell myself I am on a diet I will eat everything in sight.  But I love  fresh salads. 

  Here is one of my favorites, organic greens, with strawberrys, apples, cucumber, green onions and fresh lime juice.

Salad dressings never taste fresh so I use fresh lime juice and season salt.  I love green tea,  so I brew Lipton passion fruit  green tea and add some strawberrys and a sprig of lime juice. A good source of antioxidants and it’s a refreshing drink.

A simple but fresh way to enjoy spring, this is a meal that you should eat outdoors.

Hope everyone has a fresh and fun weekend.

My Spring Table

 I love to change my linens for spring, and then   head to my local farmer’s market for some fresh flowers . I only spent  five dollars for this bunch of flowers, which makes my dining room table more inviting.

I love my flower man. He’s at  old town Temecula on Saturdays  and Canyon Lakes outdoor mall  on Sundays.

Look how fresh and beautiful his flowers are!  Next I take out my old thrift store silver ,white  napkin and  dishes,  and my vintage napkin rings I bought for three dollars each.

But sometimes I think the table looks better without a table clothe or placements.

I use my gravy boat for everything, salad dressings, sauces etc.

And my silver rim wine glasses, I don’t care if I drink apple juice from them, I love to use them for  spring.

I love my vintage napkin rings, they are missing some stones, but that makes them even more beautiful.

Now that I have Wings

Now that I have wings …I will fly to Venice for lunch, then to Paris for flea market shopping. I will then fly over all my children, all five of them , and see what they are up to for the day. I will whisper in their ear the road conditions so they don’t get caught in traffic . Next I will visit all the great flea markets and see who has the best sales.  Next I will take great scenic pictures , and be home in time to make dinner…

 …life is magical…if you believe…                            xoxo Sacredcheryl

Alice in Wonderland



My son Hunter and I always love to see a movie on opening night, so we headed to Harkins Theater in Chino to see Alice in Wonderland 3D. The 3D movie was SOLD out, the six , seven and eight o’clock shows were all sold out so we saw  the movie without 3D and it was still magical.  I love Tim Burton, and I loved Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands and in Sleepy  Hollow, so needless to say I loved Johnny in Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll’s tale of a nineteen year old Alice returning  to the whimsical  wonderland to reunite with her old friends, and learns that her true destiny is to end the Red Queens reign of terror, played by Helena Carter  who I thought  was outstanding. The movie was dark, whimsical, adventurous, dramatic and fun.  A must see movie if you’re a Tim Burton fan.