The California coast

The California coast in February is magical, soft tones of pinks and blues, the  cool weather makes going to the coast a wonderful time for walking alone and taking the time to just enjoy.

A soaring  bird all alone seems so perfect in flight.

Hope everyone has a magical  weeken.

My Decorating Style


I love old things, mixed with new things  to create rooms that are unique. I don’t think you need to spend a lot of money to create beautiful rooms, and I don’t. Each week I will post a room in my home, as I think it’s much more interesting that way. Today I am posting my guest room which is downstairs, and I love to sleep here. All my wall are a soft pewter green, and I have dark furnishings, with white accents. I love rich tapestrys and have them everywhere. Their is also an animal print everywhere, as an accent only. My office is a circle room, decorated in brown and pewter green and gray.  I will post my office next. Hope you enjoy.

Great Blog and Earth Fairy

Found this great Blog Called ”The Background Fairy”  A beautiful place to explore and find great Vintage Clip art and great headers and backgrounds. A woman after my own heart, she is a beautiful fairy here to give us great stuff. Thanks Karen,


I used a few for my paper line. See what a delight.