Paris Cafe Event

How to recreate my Paris Cafe day. I start with black and white French letter extra-large cappuccino cups, a french coffee press , fresh coffee,  black and white linens,antique silverware and  fresh soft yellow  flowers.  Paris Cafe events are perfect for luncheon with  the girls…

girl’s birthday party’s,and french tea’s.  Baskets add a nice rustic french touch.

Details, details, details,  that’s what turns a boring event to extraordinary event.

(umbrella from  )

The final touch hang black and white umbrellas from the ceiling for a little whimsy !

Everything is simple but there is a certain je ne sais quoi  that defies translation. What is the secret of the French style ?  Simply chic….and elegant. Where is my little black sweater, and my hat , all of a sudden I feel so very French Chic.

Hope everyone has a simply chic week !


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