Welcome to my world

            Welcome . This is my first post.  The joy of finding magic in everyday life.  I spent the day with my two-year old son, Leonardo at the bookstore our favorite place to go and relax read a good book, and have a warm cup of tea, and a muffin with cream cheese. Leo slept most of the time so I was able to read about ” Blogging for Bliss” by Tara Frey, crafting your online journal, and so I bought the book, took it home and open an account the same night with word press. I have so many people ask me so many questions about my life,  how I had five children,  why they  are  so successful. Also  my travel photography ,how I was able to travel around the world with five children, and a full-time kitchen designer job. I am now home taking care of my two-year old, and learning once again how to make my dollars  stretch.  So I thought now, since I have the time, I will write  about my everyday life, my home decor, bargain shopping, and how I create magic with just a little money , but with a lot of love. 

  •  I want to share with you  my way of looking at things,so I invite you to  stop and look with me.    
  •    Thank-you…Cheryl